News about Somalia

  News about Somalia

I, Galib Ramathan declare that the Story mentioned is true

My name is Galib Ramathan. I was born in Mogadishu, Somalia on January 1st, 1981. I am sick I have a mental problem I am not feeling well, I suffer mental illness called Schizophrenia; I am unable to work or to go to school. Presently, I am taking a medication.

2        Today I am not in good health. My health is worsening. My mental was affected by the civil war in Somalia. I have been sick for long time since 1991

3          Presently, I am a resident in Toronto since 1994:  I don’t have a life in this country. I spend thinking about myself of not known what to do. I can’t eat properly and I cannot sleep because of the stress.

4         Since when I was six years old I started my education for elementary school in Somalia. I finished but I didn’t complete my secondary Education because of the political situation in my country Somalia. When the military government collapsed since that time we don’t have a central government since in 1991.

5         When I was six years old, I was enrolled in the Madarasa, I was taught Qur’an in the evenings and consequently started my formal schooling.

6         In the city of Mogadishu, a young girl was my neighbor when I lived in Somalia. This young girl went one day to the market place to buy goods. While she was in the market, a missile was launched in their home where the rest of her family lived. She was fortunate because she was not in the house when the missile hit them. She lost her family. This tragedy happened in December 1990. However, when we released that a missile has been launched

7         We walked up to the garage that was closer to us, which was situated in the city of Afgoye, about 30 km south of Mogadishu, Somalia. The owner of this garage was a religious man. Who offered us a place to stay, While we were there, we stayed one night, and next morning we took a bus from Afgoye to Mudul Barawe, where we stayed other night, next morning we took a bus, which was we existed on un-cooked rice and some water. Always, when we meet new people we were told the war is getting worse

8         The civil war intensified and heavy guns were heard everywhere and we were unable to get charcoal and gas to cook our food. In the city of Kismaya there were dead bodies on the streets and roads everywhere, it was difficult to travel alone in the street of Kismayo

9         When the gunfire stopped in Kismaya, we took a car that was going to Libay, Kenya. When we reached Libay, Kenya we lived there for four months. We existed, the little assistance we received from the UNHCR workers who used to tell us to lines up for food, so to get our rations. in addition, we stayed long lines in order to receive little water.

10          I hope that the fighting stops soon. One day. I hope to be able to go back. I want to use what I have learned here to help rebuild my country. However I like my country Somalia nobody hates his country. I like my people but I can’t do anything for them but every time I pray I beg God for my country Somalia.

11        I never suffered any disease or illness when I was in Africa it doesn’t matter what part of Africa

12        Somalia is a poor country however everybody is happy and healthy nobody worries about anything because there is no stress, frustration and depression. I never took a medication in my life when    I was in Africa it doesn’t matter what part of Africa

13         When we were in Somalia, we had faith and strong culture.  In My view people nowadays don’t have faith. I have overcome many problems, because I prayed so to beg God for my country. Today we cannot go back to Somalia unless the situation changes.

14        The late president of Somalia was Mohamed Siad Barre. He died in 1995, in Nigeria with heart Attack. Mohamed Siad Barre he became president in 1969. Mohamed Siad Barre, the last Somali dictator, the rule country for 22 years.

15        in my viewpoint, Mohamed Siad Barre, he was great president of Somalia

I am experiencing a lot of terrible things back home in Somalia.  I am the lucky one thanks God His Grace in His mercy.

16        I left Mogadishu, Somalia December 1990 before I arrived in Canada that time I was healthy and strong but now I am not

17        If I remember how we lived in Somalia sometimes I cry.  The people living in Somalia 100% are Muslims, Muslim people doesn’t kill innocent people. The problem is going on in Somalia are coast by man 

18      Somalian is a poor country however everybody is happy and healthy nobody worries about anything because there is no stress, frustration and depression.

19        when I was in Somalia I never took medication in my life when I was in Somalia it was my first time I had seen a good life. Somalia became independent in 1960

20        Today I am not living in the right place at this moment that means I don’t live in Muslim country.

21        Islam cares much for maintaining the highest level of social solidarity and strength among the members of the society. It goes without saying that spending money on charitable deeds, such as helping the needy, alleviating the pains of the distressed and support those who are in need will be upon them in this world and hereafter.

22       Safwan ibn Salim related that the prophet said; anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah’s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night (Bukhari) Anas related that the prophet said; if any Muslim plants something or sows seed from which a man, a bird or an animal eats, it counts a charity for him. (Bukhari, Muslim)

23       Abu Hurairah (May Allah Be pleased with Him) reported; the prophet (peace Be upon Him) said, one who strives to help the widows and the poor is like who fights in the way of Allah, The narrator said; I think that he (Prophet (PBUH) added also; I shall regard him as the one who stands up (prayer without rest as the one who observes fast continuously (AL-Bukhari)

24        Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) says have mercy on those upon the earth; and Allah will have mercy on you?

25        Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) says you have to pray five times a day and you have to pay the Zakat and you have to fast the month of Ramadan and you can go Hajj if you can afford?

26       This life is only for temporary, this is not the real life, the real life will be started when you die, and before you die you need to get good deeds before the date of judgment. Whatever good deeds you get in this world you will get hereafter. This life it is very short life

27         If Somalia had a peace we would like to go back to Somalia there is no better place than Somalia for us. I would like to be independent in my life I want to get a better life in the future. please try to contact me if you have any questions at email:

cell 437 774-6130

Home and country is the best