My Book

My name is Galib Ramathan. I was born in Mogadishu, Somalia on January 1st, 1981. Presently, I am a resident in Toronto sine since 1994;

I wrote a book for English Grammar for short conversation called Teach Yourself English, I dedicated this book to newcomers to Canada to learn how to speak English

The guide can help you learn past, present, and future tense and it has full sentences, questions and answers in English words. My book is easy to read it is accessible and appropriate for adult and children

This book will help you to improve your English skills. This book is a complete course and it will help you to improve your growing knowledge. This book it will help you a lot don’t look at the money.

You can learn English within twelve months. This book contains 100 pages and will cost $75.00 Canadian dollar each including shipping.

This book is available at the above address located at the top of this letter depend how many book you wish to order? This book is good from beginning to Basic level.  

If you are interested in this book please send me a certified cheque with my name on it at the above address on the top of this letter. Please include your shipping address and your name your name

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me as soon as possible    

Thank you for enjoying my book