To Whom It May Concern:

Assalamu Alaikum My Dear Brothers/Sisters in Islam

My name is Galib Ramathan. I am from a poor Muslim family. I have a problem and I need some help from my Muslim brothers and sisters.  I am a Canadian citizen and Muslim, born in 1981 and raised in Mogadishu, Somalia, when I arrived in Canada I was thirteen years old. I lived in Dar Es, Salaam, Tanzania as Refugee and displaced. I am single and lonely, currently unemployed, living on assistant  to survive. I have diagnosed mental illness known Schizophrenia, unable to work and go to School, and I take medication and care. My condition induced originally as result of civil war, and separate from my family. It’s caused me stress, depressed, in state anorexia and deprived in sleep without my family. It’s deteriorating my illness. Today I am not in good health. My health is worsening. I can’t eat properly and I cannot sleep because of the stress. I feel depressed and unhappy and I feel lonely. 

I have a decided to  move to Dar-Es, Salaam, Tanzania permanently to join my family as result of my condition, I strongly believe that will help me to my condition, and improve better there with my family around as I am ill they will take care of me for that reason I am requesting any financial assistance to move to Tanzania because there is no agency or governments that can assist me financially. Tanzania is a poor country however everybody is happy and healthy, nobody worries about anything. 

I never suffered from any disease or illness when I was in Africa. Tanzania is a peaceful country.  If I remember how we lived in Tanzania sometimes I cry. I am from a low income family I need some financial assistance.  I am requesting any Zakat, Whatever Zakat you can afford please send me into this Bank account on the top of this letter with wire transfer you can also send me a certified cheque with my name on it at above address on the top of this letter you can also send me with Western union in your country

Please try to help me as much as you can. Please donate to me generously  and kindly. I am requesting for help for the sake of Allah. It doesn’t matter if you are Muslim or non-Muslim

I would be much better for my health wise physical and mentally I will really appreciated for any help that I can get from you. I am a poor social support in Canada.  

Any amount of money that I can get will be appreciated and I will pray for you and for myself for God to make it easy for me and bless whoever will be willing to assist me, reward them and make it easy upon them in this world  and hereafter? 

Please don’t look at the money look the health I will get that is the most important thing. I can’t even afford to visit with my family and spend more time with them to feel much better. My airline ticket it cost $1450.00 including everything. 

Please I am requesting amount US$5,00 US$10.00 $20.00 US$50.00 $100.00 US$200.00 US$350.00 
US$500.00 US$1000.00 US$2000.00 $5000.00  US$10.000.00  or more if you can 

There is a Hadith Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon HIm) says have mercy on those upon the earth; and Allah will have mercy on you?

Allah says in the Quran Muslim people are Supped to help each other when other brother are in need?

I make Dua for you and any other Muslim brothers and sisters living in this world May Allah will give you more than you give me and May Allah will help you and reward you? Whatever you learn good thing in your heart May Allah make it easy for you and May Allah accept you’re prayer and you’re Zakat, you’re fasting and you’re Hajj? 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me as soon as possible with good news. Please work hard I am waiting for you. Please don’t ignore me as long as we are Muslim brothers and sisters. I would like to have a chance to live happily and to experience no frustration due to my illness. 

I need your help and would you please help me in this situation? I am very desperate for your help. If you don’t help me, who will?  

Thank you and May Allah bless you and your family.

Jazak Allah Khayran