Doctor’s Letter

In the name of Allah the most Gracious most merciful

In the name of Allah the most Gracious most merciful
Bank Info
Bank of Montreal1700 Wilson AvenueToronto, Ontario, M3L 1B2, Canada
Bank account number # 3970-163Transit number # 04102Institution number # 001Swift code BOFMCAM2 
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From: Galib Malik Ramathan1880 Weston RdToronto, Ontario, M9N 1W1, Canada
Cell phone 437 774 6130 To Whom It May Concern: Assalamu Alaikum My Dear Brothers/Sisters in Islam My name is Galib Ramathan. I am from a poor Muslim family. I have a problem and I need some help from my Muslim brothers and sisters.  I am a Canadian citizen and Muslim, born in 1981 and raised in Mogadishu, Somalia, when I arrived in Canada I was thirteen years old. I lived in Dar Es, Salaam, Tanzania as Refugee and displaced. I am single and lonely, currently unemployed, living on assistant  to survive. I have diagnosed mental illness known Schizophrenia, unable to work and go to School, and I take medication and care. My condition induced originally as result of civil war, and separate from my family. It’s caused me stress, depressed, n state anorexia and deprived in sleep without my family. It’s deteriorating my illness. 
Today I am not in good health. My  health is worsening. I cannot eat properly and I cannot sleep because of the stress. I feel depressed and unhappy and I feel lonely. 
The people living in Canada 73% they are suffering mental illness called Schizophrenia they are not feeling well because of the weather everybody feeling stress, frustration and depression because of the weather. 27% are feeling well. plus 40% they have Diabetes and every second somebody die especially in Toronto, Ontario because of the violence. 
I am talking about the reality how different between Tanzania and Canada. Tanzania is good for so many things. Tanzanian food 100% is organic and they have a good food and good fruit. The people living in Tanzania they have a good healthy and strong and they have a good faith and strong culture and nobody suffering any disease or illness. The health in Tanzania is good. 
I have a decided to  move to Dar-Es, Salaam, Tanzania permanently to join my family as result of my condition, I strongly believe that will help me to my condition, and improve better there with my family around as I am ill they will take care of me for that reason I am requesting any financial assistance to move to Tanzania because there is no agency or governments that can assist me financially. 
Tanzania is a poor country however everybody is happy and healthy, nobody worries about anything because there is no stress, frustration and depression 
I never suffered from any disease or illness when I was in Tanzania.  Tanzania is a peaceful country.  If I remember how we lived in Tanzania sometimes I cry. I am from a low income family I need some financial assistance.  I am requesting any Zakat during the month of Ramadan. Ramadan. Whatever Zakat you can afford please send me into this Bank account on the top of this letter with wire transfer or email transfer or Western union. you can also send me a certified cheque with my name on it at above address on the top of this letter and Western union in your country
Please try to help me as much as you can. Please donate to me generously  and kindly. I am requesting for help for the sake of Allah. It doesn’t matter if you are Muslim or non-Muslim
I would be much better for my health wise physical and mentally I will really appreciated for any help that I can get from you. I am a poor social support in Canada. 
Today I don’t live the right place at this moment that means I don’t live in Muslim country.
 Tanzania every corner is mosque and you hear the prayer. the people living Tanzania 80% are Muslims. The weather in Tanzania is good. I used live in Dar-Es Salaam, Tanzania before I arrived in Canada that time i was healthy and strong but now I am not. The people living in Tanzania they know more about Islam because they are living in the right place to worship Allah. A lot of Muslim people living in Canada most of them they get lost the far away from Islam. Allah says in the Quran if you want to become a good Muslim to closer to Allah you most live in Muslim country and your children. in Canada we have a lot of infidels. Tanzanian the woman has Hijab and the children they have madrassa they learn Quran. Tanzania the official language is Swahili, English and Arabic
If i go back to Dar-Es Salaam, Tanzania my personal health problem will improve greatly, I will feel much better. Tanzania is peaceful country. Tanzania better than other countries. May Allah make it easy for me?
The meaning of Dar-Es Salaam is house of peace. The Muslim people living in Tanzania they follow the sharia of Islam and they have Islamic court and they follow the Islamic law Tanzania is a wonderful place to live If you have money. Tanzania no violence and there no corruption 
Tanzania has Indian ocean and beautiful Island called Zanzibar and beautiful mountain called Kilimanjaro mountain and beautiful lake called lake Tangayika
Any amount of money that I can get will be appreciated and I will pray for you and for myself for God to make it easy for me and bless whoever will be willing to assist me, reward them and make it easy upon them in this world  and hereafter? 
Please don’t look at the money look the health I will get that is the most important thing. I can’t even afford to visit with my family and spend more time with them to feel much better. 
Please I am requesting amount US$5,00 US$10.00 $20.00 US$50.00 $100.00 US$200.00 US$350.00  US$500.00 US$1000.00 US$2000.00 $5000.00  US$10.000.00 US$15.000.00 US$20.000.00 US$30.000.00 or more if you can 
Muslim is not only the name. We most love each other and we most help each other. If you help somebody you feel good in your heart and you give get double reward and you will get good deeds. Whatever good deeds you get in this world you will get hereafter. This life it is a very short life no one stay in this world forever 
There is a Hadith Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon HIm) says have mercy on those upon the earth; and Allah will have mercy on you?
Allah says in the Quran Muslim people are Supposed to help each other when other brother are in need?
I make pray for you and any other Muslim brothers and sisters living in this world May Allah will give you more than you give me and May Allah will help you and reward you? Whatever you learn good thing in your heart May Allah make it easy for you and May Allah accept you’re prayer and you’re Zakat, you’re fasting and you’re Hajj?  

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me as soon as possible with good news. Please work hard I am waiting for you. Please don’t ignore me as long as we are Muslim brothers and sisters. I would like to have a chance to live happily and to experience no frustration due to my illness. 
I need your help and would you please help me in this situation? I am very desperate for your help. If you don’t help me, who will?  
Thank you and May Allah bless you and your family. 

Jazak Allah Khayran

Bismillaahi Raxmaani Raxiim

Bank of Montreal
1700 Wilson AvenueToronto, Ontario, M3L 1B2, Canada
Bank account # 3970 163Transit # 04102Institution # 001Swift code BOFMCAM2
Cinwaanka Gurigeega
From Galib Ramathan   1880 Weston RdToronto. Ontario M9N 1W1, Canada      
Tel 437 774 6130                     

Email:                                        Assalaamu calaykum Waraxmatullahi Wabarakaatu.

Walaalayaal Magacaygu waxaa la yiraahdaa Galib Ramathan. Waxaan ku dhashay magaalada Muqdisho, Soomaaliya bishii Janaayo 1st, sanadkii 1981kii. Aniga runtii waa dhibaatees nahay marka horeyso Aniga waa jiran nahay. Waxaa qaataa daawooyin oo loo cuno cudur oo loo yaqaano Schizophrenia; mashaqeesankaro wax na mabarankaro. Waxaa ku jiraday dagaalkii sokeeye ee Soomaaliya. Waxaa ku qaaday shoog sanadkii 1991. Waxaa jiran nahay ilaa sanadkii 1991kii. maanta caafimaadkay ma fiicna. 

Hadda Aniga waxaa ku noolahay Magaalada Toronto ee dalka Kanada ilaa sanadkii 1994. keligay dad ehel iima joogaan kanada. Dadkay waxee joogaan Magaalada Dar-Es Salaam, dalka Tanzaniya. Muddo hadda laga joogo 24 sano ka hor waxaa joogi jiray Magaalada Dar-Es Salaam, dalka Tanzaniya, markaas ayaa igu dambeesay reerkay.waxaa ku kala lumnay dagaalkii sokeeye ee Soomaaliya sanadkii 1991kii.

Waagii aa joogi jiray Tanzaniga weligay noloshay daawo macunin cudur iyo daawo la igama horeyrin qurbaha maxaa yeelay waxaa ku badan cuduro oo saddex u kala baxo oo loo yaqaano Stress iyo frustration iyo depression. Waxaa keenaayo qurbaha iyo hawada

Waagii aa joogi jiray Afrika weligay daawo macunin noloshay maxaa yeelay Afrika wax loo yaqaano Stress iyo frustration iyo depression malaha. Tan,aniya hawo fiican ayee leedahay

Afrika waxaa taalo nolool raaxo iyo caafimaad. Tanzaniya wax yaalo badan ayee ku fiican tahay. Dadka ku nool Tanzaniya waxee qabaan caafimaad iyo imaan kooda. Waxeena ku nool yihiin nolool raaxo. Mar walba wee iska faraxsan yihiin waxeena ka-wal walaayaan malaha. Anaga wee naga fiican yihiin 100% weligeen magaareyno. Waxee qabaan caafimaad maxaa yeelay cunto fresh ayee cunaan. Cuntada taalo 100 per cent organic

Dadka ku nool Tanzaniya 80% waa dad Muslim. Tanzaniya nabad-gelyada aad iyo aadbee u wanaagsan tahay qof kula hadlaayo majiro. Dadka madooga oo Tanzaniya u dhashay waa dad aad iyo aad u wanaagsan. Aniga waxaa Tanzaniya ugu guuraayo ma aha caafimaad keliya wax yaalo badan ayaa ku jeclahay Tanzaniya. Waxaa rabaa reerkey in aa u dhawaado oo wax la qabsado. Aniga kanada was kulumay. Mar walbana waa sii xanuun sanaayaa. Anigoo kanada ka tagin ma reysanaayi talo kale malaha. 

Hadda waxaa go’aansaday in aa u guuro Magaalada Dar-Es Salaam, Tanzaniya, Saas daraadeed lacag oo igu filan oo wax ku qabsado maheesto waa liitaa. Aniga waxaan ahay wiil miskiin ilaahay oo u baahan idinka iyo ilaahay. 

Hadda aniga waxaa u baahan nahay gargaar deg deg ah. Waxaan waraaqdaan idinku soo diray in aa ogaataan xaaladeeda maxaa yeelay waxaa tihiin dad Muslim oo walaalahay. Fadlan Maanta waa idin baahan nahay

Haddaa idinka i caawinin qof kale oo i caawinaayo majiro oo idinka iyo ilaahay aheen. Qof walba oo walaalkay ah waxaa weydiisanayaa caawinaad meel walba oo dunida joogtaan

Waxaa ii awoodid waxaa igu soo dirtaa Xawaalada Dahabshiil ama Taaj Express ama waxaa igu soo dirtaa Bangiga ku qoran waraaqdaan dusheeda wire transfer ama waxaa ii soo dirtaa cheque oo magacayga ku qoran waxaana igu soo dirtaa cinwaanka oo ku qoran waraaqdaan dusheeda  

Maanta nolool kuma heesto wadankaan qurbaha. Waxaa rabaa nolosha aa hadda ku jiro in aa ka baxo oo nolool ka wanaagsan in aa gaaro oo reer yeesho markaa gaaro Magaalada Dar-Es Salaam, Tanzaniya. Tanzaniya diriiq walba waxaa ku yaalo Masaajid shan salaadood waa makhleesaa maasha-Allaah, Tanzaniya waa dhul nabad. 

Haddaa soo xasuusto noloshii aa ku noolaa Tanzaniya iyo maanta mararka qaarkood waa iska ooyaa. Wax macuni karo manaseexan-karo. Marka walaalayaal meel walba oo dunida joogtaan waa la isku baahan yahay. 

ilaahay wuxuu yidhi dhulka iskugu naxariista anigana samada ayaa idinku naxariisanayaa? Qofkii Muslim u miciino muraadkiis wuu helaa maslaxada aa suubsatid adduunka ayaa aakhiro ku meel martaa waxaana gacanta midig aa ka dhiibatid aakhiro miisaanka  ayaa lagu kabaa? 

Aad iyo aadbaa u mahadsantahay. 

Waxaana kuu rajeynayaa kheyr

Jazaakallaahu Khayran

In the name of Allah the most Gracious most mercifu

: أخواني و أخواتي في الإسلام: السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته إسمي غالب رمضان. من مواليد مقاديشو- الصومال، في الأول من كانون الثاني لعام 1981. أنا من عائلة مسلمة فقيرة. عندي مشكلة وبحاجة لبعض المساعدة من إخواني وأخواتي المسلمين والمسلمات.انا مواطن كندي و من عائلة فقيرة و بحاجة الى مساعدة مالية إنني مريض، وأعاني من مرض نفسي يدعى انفصام الشخصية (الشيزوفرانيا); مما يجعلني غير قادر على العمل أو الدراسة. في الوقت الحالي أنا تحت العلاج، وعندي طبيب العائلة في تورنتو- أونتاريو. تأثرت صحتي بسبب الحرب الاهلية بالصومال. حينها كنت في العاشرة من عمري و انا مريض لفترة 25 سنة منذ سنة 1991. حاليا اعيش في تورنتو، كندا لمدة 23 سنة لوحدي بدون عائلتي. ليس لدي عائله في كندا لان عائلتي تعيش في شرق افريقيا دار السلام تنزانيا ولم اراهم لمدة طويلة منذ 1994. وقد تهنا عن بعضنا البعض بسبب الحرب الاهلية في الصومال.وانني ارغب يزيارة عائلتي لقضاء وقت معهم وذلك لاشعر بتحسن فأنا أشعر بالاحباط لاني اعيش بكندا بدون عائلتي. ولقد قررت العودة إلى تنزانيا بشكل دائم لأجتمع بعائلتي، لم أحتج لأي علاج عندما كنت في أفريقيا ولا يهم أي جزء من أفريقيا كان. احب العودة الى دار السلام تنزانيا للابد. و انا راجع الى تنزانيا لتحسين صحتي و شعوري. أنا عائد إلى تنزانيا من أجل تحسين وضعي الصحي. و انا دائما قلق و اسمع اصوات انني لست في صحة جيدة، و لقد ضقت العيش في كندا بدون عائلتي، انني اشعر بالتعاسة و غير سعيد و اشعر بالوحدة، لا استطيع ان اكل بشكل طبيعي او ان انام و انا لست سعيدا على الاطلاق، و كل هذا بسبب الضفط النفسي أنا متأكد بأن صحتي ستتجسن عندما تكون عائلتي حولي، لقد عشت في دار السلام ، تنزانيا لعدة سنوات قبل قدومي إلى كندا وفي ذلك الوقت كانت صحتي ممتازة ولم أعاني من أي مرض الحمد لله. الآن أنا شخص فقير يعيش على الإعانة الاجتماعية في كندا. ولن أتمكن من الحصول على الأموال الكافية للعيش الكريم هناك. أنا بحاجة للمعونة المالية من أجل الانتقال مجدداً إلى تنزانيا بما أنني غير قادر على العمل بسبب مرضي ولن أستطيع الصمود في أفريقيا لعدم وجود منظمات أو حكومة تساعدني مادياً. أنا بحاجة للمساعدة بأي زكاة لدي عائلة خارج هذا البلد، ولكن لا يوجد اتصالات كافية لكونهم يعشون في مكان بعيد جداً عن دار السلام، تنزانيا إن وجودي مع عائلتي سيحسن من وضعي الصحي كثبراً من الناحيتين الجسدية والعقلية وسأقدر أية مساعدة أستطيع الحصول عليها منكم. إذا تذكرت كيف عشنا في تنزانيا أحياناً أبكي. أنا بحاجة ماسة لمساعدتكم رجاءاً لا تتجاهلوني بما أننا إخوة مسلمين وأخوات مسلمين. رجاءاً تبرعوا لي بسخاء وبلطف، رجاءاً اعملوا بجد فأنا أنتظركم وحاولوا مساعدتي بقدر استطاعتكم. اليوم ليس عندي أية حياة في هذا البلد، أقضي وقتي مفكراً ولا أعرف ماذا أفعل. أتمنى أن أحقق حياةً افضل واستقلالي. مشكلتي الحالية أنني لن أكون قادراً على الصمود هناك لن أستطيع الصمود في أفريقيا بدون المساعدة. تنزانيا هي بلد فقير ولكن الجميع فيه سعداء ويتمتعون بالصحةلا أحد يقلق على اي شيء لعدم وجود أي قلق، توتر، أو اكتئاب. لدي رغبة قوية بالعودة إلى تنزانيا بشكل دائم. أنا أطلب الزكاة. أي مبلغ زكاة متوفر رجاءً أرسلوا لي شيكاً باسمي عليه على العنوان الموجود في رأس الرسالة. رجاءاً سبب إرسالي للرسالة هو لإعلامكم بحالتي كأخ مسلم . باي طريقة تستطيعون مساعدتي فيها وسأقدر لكم ذلك جداً. إن لم تساعدوني أنتم لا أحد سيساعدني أنتم إخوتي وإخواني المسلمين. و الاسلام يهتم بمساعدة الاخرين و الله سيعوض من يساعد اي مبلغ من المال سيساعدني و انا اقدر هذا و ساصلي لكم و لي و ارجو من الله ان يعطيكم اكثر مما اعطيتموني و ارجو من الله ان يعوضكم و يسهل عليكم قال سلوان بن سليم رضي الله عنه من الرسول محمد صلى الله عيله وسلم: أي شخص يهتم ويعمل لأرملة ةشخص فقير يكون كمجاهد يحارب في سبيل الله، أو كمن صام النهار وقام الليل (صحيح البخاري) وقال أنس رضي الله عنه عن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: إذا زرع أي مسلم بذرة أكل منها رجل أو طير أو حيوان تعتبر في سلم حسناته ( صحيح البخاري) الرسول عليه الصلاة والسلام يقول ارحموا من في الارض يرحمكم من في السماء الرجاء ساعدوني وتابعوا الذين بحاجة الى مساعدة في اي مكان وتذكروا اننا مسلمون ويجب علينامساعدة بعضنا البعض ومساعدة اخوتنا بالاسلام عندما يحتاجوا المساعدة.؟ أي مبلغ مالي أستطيع الحصول عليه سأقدره لكم و ساصلي لكم و لي و ارجو من الله ان يعطيكم اكثر مما اعطيتموني و ارجو من الله ان يعوضكم و يسهل عليكم لن أتكمن من النجاة في تنزانيا بدون المساعدة، رجاءاً حاولو مساعدتي. فأنا أصاب الاكتئاب عندما يصبح الطقس بارداً جداً خاصة في الشتاء ولكن الطقس في أفريقيا صيف دائماً لا يوجد شتاء في أفريقي. الطقس في تنزانيا جميل وسأكون أكثر نشاطاً هناك فأنا لا أستطيع تحمل فصل الستاء وكلما بقيت داخل شقتي بسبب البرد أصبح أكثر اكتئاباً. أنا سعيد بالعودة إلى دار السلام، تنزانيا لأكون مع عائلتي، فأنا أفتقد وطني. انني اخطط للرجوع الى تانزانيا انشاء الله و انا بحاجة لمساعدتكم فارجوا منكم مساعدتي في هذا الشان انا بحاجة لفرصة للعيش بسعادة وتجربة الحياة بدون حزن واحباط بسبب مرضي ، و انا في حاجة ماسة للمساعدة في هذه الظروف، ارجوكم انا في حاجة لمساعدتكم ، إن لم تساعدوني، فمن إذن؟ شكراً لتفهّمكم، وبارككّم الله جميعاً. جزاكم الله خيراً المخلص لكم، Galib Ramathan

News about Somalia

I, Galib Ramathan declare that the Story mentioned is true

My name is Galib Ramathan. I was born in Mogadishu, Somalia on January 1st, 1981. I am sick I have a mental problem I am not feeling well, I suffer mental illness called Schizophrenia; I am unable to work or to go to school. Presently, I am taking a medication.

2        Today I am not in good health. My health is worsening. My mental was affected by the civil war in Somalia. I have been sick for long time since 1991

3          Presently, I am a resident in Toronto since 1994:  I don’t have a life in this country. I spend thinking about myself of not known what to do. I can’t eat properly and I cannot sleep because of the stress.

4         Since when I was six years old I started my education for elementary school in Somalia. I finished but I didn’t complete my secondary Education because of the political situation in my country Somalia. When the military government collapsed since that time we don’t have a central government since in 1991.

5         When I was six years old, I was enrolled in the Madarasa, I was taught Qur’an in the evenings and consequently started my formal schooling.

6         In the city of Mogadishu, a young girl was my neighbor when I lived in Somalia. This young girl went one day to the market place to buy goods. While she was in the market, a missile was launched in their home where the rest of her family lived. She was fortunate because she was not in the house when the missile hit them. She lost her family. This tragedy happened in December 1990. However, when we released that a missile has been launched

7         We walked up to the garage that was closer to us, which was situated in the city of Afgoye, about 30 km south of Mogadishu, Somalia. The owner of this garage was a religious man. Who offered us a place to stay, While we were there, we stayed one night, and next morning we took a bus from Afgoye to Mudul Barawe, where we stayed other night, next morning we took a bus, which was we existed on un-cooked rice and some water. Always, when we meet new people we were told the war is getting worse

8         The civil war intensified and heavy guns were heard everywhere and we were unable to get charcoal and gas to cook our food. In the city of Kismaya there were dead bodies on the streets and roads everywhere, it was difficult to travel alone in the street of Kismayo

9         When the gunfire stopped in Kismaya, we took a car that was going to Libay, Kenya. When we reached Libay, Kenya we lived there for four months. We existed, the little assistance we received from the UNHCR workers who used to tell us to lines up for food, so to get our rations. in addition, we stayed long lines in order to receive little water.

10          I hope that the fighting stops soon. One day. I hope to be able to go back. I want to use what I have learned here to help rebuild my country. However I like my country Somalia nobody hates his country. I like my people but I can’t do anything for them but every time I pray I beg God for my country Somalia.

11        I never suffered any disease or illness when I was in Africa it doesn’t matter what part of Africa

12        Somalia is a poor country however everybody is happy and healthy nobody worries about anything because there is no stress, frustration and depression. I never took a medication in my life when    I was in Africa it doesn’t matter what part of Africa

13         When we were in Somalia, we had faith and strong culture.  In My view people nowadays don’t have faith. I have overcome many problems, because I prayed so to beg God for my country. Today we cannot go back to Somalia unless the situation changes.

14        The late president of Somalia was Mohamed Siad Barre. He died in 1995, in Nigeria with heart Attack. Mohamed Siad Barre he became president in 1969. Mohamed Siad Barre, the last Somali dictator, the rule country for 22 years.

15        in my viewpoint, Mohamed Siad Barre, he was great president of Somalia

16         I am experiencing a lot of terrible things back home in Somalia.  I am the lucky one thanks God His Grace in His mercy.

17        I used to live in Mogadishu, Somalia for 25 years ago before I arrived in Canada that time I was healthy and strong but now I am not

18        If I remember how we lived in Somalia sometimes I cry.  The people living in Somalia 100% are Muslims, Muslim people doesn’t kill innocent people. The Somalian people everyone is Muslim

19      Somalia is a poor country however everybody is happy and healthy nobody worries about anything because there is no stress, frustration and depression.

20       when I was in Somalia I never took medication in my life it was my first time I had seen a good life. Somalia became independent in 1960

21       Today I am not living in the right place at this moment that means I don’t live in Muslim country.

22        Islam cares much for maintaining the highest level of social solidarity and strength among the members of the society. It goes without saying that spending money on charitable deeds, such as helping the needy, alleviating the pains of the distressed and support those who are in need will be upon them in this world and hereafter.

23        Safwan ibn Salim related that the prophet said; anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah’s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night (Bukhari) Anas related that the prophet said; if any Muslim plants something or sows seed from which a man, a bird or an animal eats, it counts a charity for him. (Bukhari, Muslim)

24       Abu Hurairah (May Allah Be pleased with Him) reported; the prophet (peace Be upon Him) said, one who strives to help the widows and the poor is like who fights in the way of Allah, The narrator said; I think that he (Prophet (PBUH) added also; I shall regard him as the one who stands up (prayer without rest as the one who observes fast continuously (AL-Bukhari)

25        Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) says have mercy on those upon the earth; and Allah will have mercy on you?

26        Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) says you have to pray five times a day and you have to pay the Zakat and you have to fast the month of Ramadan and you can go Hajj if you can afford?

27        This life is only for temporary, this is not the real life, the real life will be started when you die, and before you die you need to get good deeds before the date of judgment. Whatever good deeds you get in this world you will get hereafter.

28         If Somalia had a peace we would like to go back to Somalia there is no better place than Somalia for us

, I would like to be independent in my life I want to get a better life in the future.

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News about Somalia in Somali

Anigoo ah Galib Ramathan waxaa idin ogeysiinayaa sheekadaan in ee tahay run

Warbixin ku saabsan Soomaaliya

Assalaamu Calaykum Waraxmatullaahi Wabarakaatu

Walaalayaal aniga waxaa la yiraahdaa Galib Ramathan. Waxaan ku dhashay Magaalada Muqdisho, Soomaaliya bishii Janaayo 1st, 1981 Magaaladan muqdisho waxaa ka dhacay dagaal sokeeye. Kaasoo saameeyey wadanka oo dhan. Intii uusan dagaalku xoogaysan waxaa dhacday arrin la yaableh. Arrintan oo ay ka dhacaday isla magaalada Xamar. Gabadh aanu daris ahaan jirnay markii aan ku noolayn, Soomaaliya. Gabadhan oo dibadda wax looga dirsaday. Intii dibadda ay ku maqnayd ayaa aqalkoodda madfac lagu dhuftay. Reerkan gabadhan ayaa ka badbaaday. Waxaanuna markaas wada deganayn xaafadda Huruwaa oo ka tirsan Magaalada Muqdisho, Soomaaliya. Wakhtigunna waxa uu ahaa bishii Diseembar sanadki 1990kii.

2      Markii aan ogaanay in la ridaayo madfac. Waxaanu lug ku nimid laba garaash oo u dhow magaalada Afgooye, oo uu iska lahaa nin aan qaraabo nahay, oo wadaad caalim, ah aqoon dheerna u leh diinta Islaamka. Waxaanu seexanay hal habeen garaashkaas anaga iyo dad badan oo kale. Ka dib wadaadka subixi wuxuu sameeyey, bas uu lahaa ayuu nagu qaaday. Wuxuuna nageeyey furunta beeraha ee Afgooye. Halkaas waxaan joognay hal habeen. Subixii dambe waxaan u lugaynay magaalada Afgooye. Markii aan gaarnay Afgooye, bas ayaan ka raacnay oo u socda Mudul Baraawe. Afgooye markii aan soo gaarnay xabadu, waxay u dhacaysay sida roobka oo kale. Baska markii aan raacnay oo wax yar uu socday waxaa aragnay askar Hubeysan, waxayna saarnaayeen jiibab iyo baroono. Ninka baska waday wuxuu nagu yidhi, wax dhib ah ma arkayno Insha- Alaah, Faataxada halamaro.

3     Ninkaas oo baska waday wuxuu ahaa nin wadaad ah oo dhalashadiisu ay tahay reer Baraawe. Wuxuu baskii dhaxmariyey beero jiq ah. Nasiib wanaag wax dhib ah ma arkin. Baskiina wuxuu nageeyey Mudul Baraawe. Waxaanuna joognay hal habeen. Subixii waxaan helnay bas u socda magaalada Kismaayo. Waanuna raacnay, wuxuuna nageeyey Kismaayo. Markaan Kismaayo gaarnay waxaan seexan jirnay guri cariish ah, oo doqosh ah. Anaga iyo dadka intiisa badan habeen iyo maalin waa nala waardiyeen jiray, maxaa yeelay, xabada waxay u dhaci jirtay sida roobka oo kale.

4     Meedka wuxuu jidadka u dhooban yahay maxaa kaa-galay. Jidadka meel la maro malaha. Wax maalin iyo habeen socon kara ma jirin.

5      Haddii lagugu arko adigoo banaanka maraya hilibkaaga waxaa lagu jarjarayaa baan-gad ama seef oo afaysan. Xabada waxay noqonaysaa janno. Waxaa anaga raashin noo ahaa bariis cayriin iyo biyo cad, maxaa yeelay banaanka wuxuu ahaa qatar wayn.

6     Aniga mar ayaan banaanka u baxay waana la i qabsaday waxaana la i waydiiyey waa maxay qabiilkaagu? Runtii waagaas ma aqoonin qabiil. Waxaan dhahay walaalayaal aniga waxaan ahay runti wiil yar waxaa jiray toban sano, qabiilna ma aqaani, runtiina la ima barin. Markaan sidaas dhahay way igu qayliyeen laakiin ima dilin. Qayladdi ay igu qayliyeen ayaa waxaa ka qaaday naxdin (shoog). Markaas waxay ahayd sanadki 1991kii. Kismaayo xabaddi markii ay ka joogsatay waxaan raacnay gaari oo u socda Libooyo Soomaaliya. Markii aan raacnay wuxuu na geeyey habeenkii Qooqaani.

7    Waxaa seexanay hal habeen halkaas. Ka bacdina subixii isla gaarigii ayaan raacnay, wuxuuna na-geeyay Libooyo, Soomaaliya. Markii aan gaarnay Libooyo, Kenya. waxaanuna ku noolayn afar bilood afar taas bilood waxaa Saf u gali jirnay xerada qaxootiga ee Libooyo, Kenya. Waxaana saf u gali jirnay biyaha ceelasha ee Libooyo Kenya.

8     Markii ay Soomaaliya wadankeena joognay immaanka ayaan qabnay hadda dadki immaanka ayaa ka tagay waxaa waashay lacag.

9.  Haddana qof walba oo Soomaali ah wuxuu ilaahay siiyey caafimaad markaan joognay wadankeeni Soomaaliya. Wax cudur iyo jiro sheegta ma jirin waagii ay Soomaaliya nabada ahayd. Soomaaliya cudur ama jiro iyo madax xanuun loogama horayn dagaalkii sokeeye ee Soomaaliya. Markii ay Soomaaliya nabada ahayd daawo iyo cudur lama aqoonin.

10     Hadda aniga meel aan maanta joogo cir iyo dhul ma aqaani. Waxaan ka bixi la’ahay fakar iyo jiro madax-xanuun.Waxaan qaataa daawooyin loo cuno madax xanuunka. Maanta nolool raaxo kuma haysto qurbaha. Waxaan soo maray dhib iyo silac iyo saxariir iyo rafaat. Mar haddaa noolahay alxamdulillaah. ilaahay weyne ayaa mahad iska leh. Soomaali waxay ku maah-maahdaa, “Alle wate wahel ma doono Alle dile ayaa dhinta.

11      Soomaaliya waxaa taala nolool raaxo leh iyo caafimaad. Waagii aan joogi jiray soomaaliya weligay noloshay daawo iyo ma cunin cudurna iguma dhicin waxaan qabbey caafimaad. soomaali cudur iyo jiro loogama horeynin dagaalkii sokeeye ee soomaaliya.

12     Waagii aa joogi jiray soomaaliya nabada ahayd ee dowladii siyaad Barre galin waxaa dhigan jiray Iskuul dugsi hoose galin dugsi Quraan, Soomaaliya dadka dariska aad iyo aadbay is ku jeclaayeen. Qabiil lama aqoon.Waagii dowlada siyaad Barre waxaan qabnay imaan keena wax lacag ka fakaro ma jirin waa iska nooleyn wixii ilaahay nasiiyo ayaa cuni jirnay. Soomaali hadda was imaan beeshay

13     Waxaa soo xasuustaa subax walba waxaa cuni jirnay canjeelo iyo shaah. Soomaaliya haddii noo hagaagto waxaan jeclaan laheyn in aan ku laabano wadankeeni hooyo dhamaan dad weynaha soomaaliyeed meel walba ee joogaan dunida.

14     Qof walba oo soomaali ah wax wadankiis wax u dhaama malaha Kitaabka Quraanka kariimka soomaaliya waxaa lagu baran jiray hal sano gudaheed.

15     Waxaa soo xasuustaa saacada casarka waxaa soo booqan jiray qaraabadayda. Waxaa ku caween jirnay jeedka hoostiisa intaa shaah ama qaxwo karsano, haddaa soo xasuusto mararka qaarkood waa iska ooyaa.iidana inta as u tago waxee I sii jireen shaah iyo qaxwo iyo xalwo iyo biskut iyo lacag. Cunta Soomaaliya 100 per cent waa organic. Cuntada aduunka igu macaan waa cuntadeena Soomaaliya do waxeena u kala baxdaa dhoor nooc.

16    Maxamed Siyaad Barre ilaahay ha u naxariisto, jano fordooso ilaahay ha ugu bushaareeyo, wax weyn ayuu ummada soomaaliyeed u qabtay. Madaxweyne Siyaad Barre wax gaaraaya ma jiro. Shilling oo asaga laheen welikiis macunin. Wuxuu ahaa madaxweyne daacad ah. Dadka wuxuu ku daawey jiray bilaash iyo iskuulada dadka wuxuu wax ku barijiray bilaashlacag la aan. Maxamed siyaad Barre intuu dhiman wuxuu yidhi aniga wadan ayaa ka tagay laakiin dad Kama tagin

17    Soomaaliya dhibka hadda ka jiro 9owaxa ugu wacan beenti Soo badatayiyo xaasidki iyo dhiigi Soo batay iyo fusuqi. Dilka micno maku fadiyo dilka waxaa noqoneysaa bisad oo kale. Soomaaliya was xx ee hagaageysaa markii ilaahay loo noqdo. 

18   Dibka Soomaaliya ka jiro waxaa ka mid ah Hooyooyin keena iyo  caruurtee dhaleen wey ku rafaadsan yihiin Soomaaliya, Caruurta iyo waalidkood waxeena u dhiman nayaan gaajo dhaqaale ma heestaan wax u maqan malaha. Dhoor jeer raashin was looking at geeyey lama gaarsiinaayo markab walba oo raashin u sido Soomaaliya markuu gaaro Soomaaliya waxaa la wareygaayo dowlada. Markaas ayee baqaarada ka buuxsanayaa markaas ayee iibinayaan.Soomaaliya dowlada daacad ah malaha was badow lacag aragtay. Soomaaliya wax dowlada la yiraahdo ma jiraan, Soomaaliya rag ayaa gatay. Cid nabad rabto ma jirto. Tuug walba oo madaxweyne u noqde Soomaaliya oo ka mid ah Cali Mahdi iyo cabdi qassin iyo Xassan Sheikh iyo kheikh sharif iyo farmaajo was tuugo igayaa gatay dalka. Soomaali haddaa nahay habaar ayaa qabnaa. Waxaa makhli jiray ni  habaar qabo maharsado. 
19     Haddii maanta soomaaliya nabad ahaan lahayd kanada waxaan ka jecleenlahaa anoo ku laabto wadankeegii hooyo ee soomaaliya oo guri cariish ah dhax seexdo oo amaan ku helo oo wixii ilaahay i siiyo cuno. marka walaalayaal saan aan hadda ku jirno nooma fiicna hanoqono dad walaalo ah is jecel maanta meel aan sharaf iyo magac aan ku heesano adduunka malaha. maanta soomaaliya meesha dhibka ka jiro waa muqdisho. muqdisho haddii ee hagaagto soomaaliya wee hagaageysaa 

20    Haddaa soo xasuusto noloshii aan ku noolayn Soomaaliya iyo maanta mararka qaarkood waan iska ooyaa wax macunikaro mana-seexankaro waa u xiisay wadankeygii hooyo. Soomaaliya waxaa ugu dambeesay bishiiDiseembar sanadkii 1990kii

21    Waxaan maanta Soomaaliya wadankaygii hooyo aan u qabankaro malaha laakiin ilaahay weyn ayaa u baryayaa in uu nabad ku soo celiyo Soomaaliya.

22    Waagii ee soomaaliya nabada ahayd ee dowaladii Siyaad Barre waxaan ahayn dad qaali ah oo sharaf leh oo dunida oo dhan kadambayso laakiin maanta anaga ayaa dunida ugu lidana. Mar walba oo aan salaad tukado waxaan ilaahay ka baryaa in uu kadhaliyo dowlad Muslim ah oo daacad ah. Cadogeyna ilaahay hajabiyo. Kuwa isdagaalaaya ilaahay qalbigooda ha isku jeediyo dhaxdooda ilaahay nuur hadhaxdhigo.  Soomaaliya see ahayn jirtay iyo si ka fiican ilaahay haku soo celiyo?

23    Magacayna iyo calan keeni Soomaaliya ilaahay hanoo soo celiyo? Ciidamadda Kanadiyaanka iyo Maraykan ayaa tagay Soomaaliya sanadkii 1993kii waxay yiraahdeen waxaan Soomaaliya ku soo celinaynaa rajo, laakiin wadankaan dad ma laha. Waxay arkeen nimcadda wadankeenna, wabiyadiisa, beerahiisa, badiisa uu ilaaheey ku manaystay. Mar walba oo aan salaad tukado waxaan baryaa ilaahay weyn rahmaan.

24    ilaahay wuxuu yidhi ducadeeda iyo rajadeeda yaa laga daalin. Haddaba waa in aynu ilaaheey ka barinaa si Eebe wadankeena uu inooga dhigo nabad iyo in uu inooga dhaliyo dowlad daacad ah oo Muslim. Soomaaliya haloo duceeyo waxaa jiro mar ee samada furan tahay ilaahay ducada kaa akhbalaayo. ilaahay wuxuu ugu jecel yahay qofkii baryo oo adoonkiis. waxaa ilaahay weydiisatid oo kheyr ah waa helesaa.

25     Islaamku wax badan ayuu ku hayaa si loo ilaaliyo heerka ugu sarreeya ee bulshada iyo awoodda bulshada dhexdeeda. Waxay ku socotaa iyada oo aan lacag ku qarasheynin camaliyadaha samafalka, sida gargaaridda dadka baahan, dhibaatooyinka cidhiidhiga ah ee maskaxda ku haya iyo taageeraya kuwa u baahan waxay noqon doonaan iyaga adduunka iyo tan danbe

26   Safwan ibn Saalim oo la hadlayay nebiga ayaa yiri; Qof kasta oo ilaaliya oo u shaqeeya carmalka iyo qof saboolka ah waa sida dagaalyahan dagaal ah oo u dagaallamaya Alle dartiis, ama sida qofka sakhriya maalintaas oo uu baryo habeenkii oo dhan (Bukhaari) Anas la xidhiidhay in nebigu yiri; Haddii dhirta Muslimiinta ah ay wax ama abuuraan, taas oo ah nin, shimbir ama xayawaan la cuno, waxay tirinaysaa sadaqo isaga. (Bukhari, Muslim)

27   Abuu Hureyra (illaahay haka aqbalo) ayaa la sheegay; Nebigu (nabadgelyo korkiisa ha ahaato) wuxuu yidhi, mid ka mid ah kuwa ku dadaalaya caawinta carmalka iyo saboolka waa sida kan dagaalamaya jidka Eebbe, Waxaan u maleynayaa inuu (Nabiga (PBUH) sidoo kale ku daray: Waxaan u tixgelin doonaa sida kan taagan (salaadda aan nasasho lahayn sida qofka si joogto ah u fiirsada (AL-Bukhari)

28     Nabi Muxammed (nabadgelyo korkiisa ha ahaato) wuxuu leeyahay dhulka iskugu naxariista kuwa Eebana wuu idinku naxariisanayaa samada?

29    Nabi Muxammed (nabadgelyo korkiisa ha ahaato) wuxuu leeyahay waa inaad tukatid shan goor maalintii, waa inaad bixisaa Zakaadka oo waa inaad soontaa bisha Ramadaan oo aad tagtaa kartaa Hajjka haddii aad awoodi kartid?

30     Aniga waxaa aamisan nahay nabsigii wadanka laga galay ayaa ilaa hadda nahaayo, wax hagaa-gaayo ma jiro ilaa ilaahay noo noqdo, dambi dhaaf ilaahay hala weydiisto? ilaahay waxuu na siiyey dhul barwaaqo oo kheyraad ka buuxo oo wax gaaraayo jirin aduunka.

31     ilaahay haddaa u noqono oo cafis weydiisano wadanka wuu dagilahaa Qudaarta soomaaliya waxee ahayd qudaarta ugu macaan adduunka oo loogu jecel yahay, waxaa loo dhoofeyn jiray talyaniga iyo aduunka meel walba. Soomaaliya xaga alle ayaa laga-heestaa.

32    ilaahay haddii loo noqdo wax walba wee hagaagayaan. ilaahay kuwa soo hadeeyo hanagadhigo. Waxa yaab leh dad 100% oo Muslim ah oo walaalo ah oo isku af ah isku diin iyo isku midab ah oo isnacab oo isdilaayo ma jiro aduunka wax saas oo kale sameeyo ma jiro,

33     Dagaal wuu dhacaa la iskuma heesto laakiin dagaal socdo 28 sano meel uu ka dhacay ama ka jiro dunida malaha. Dagaal in uu faa-ido lahayn Soomaali weligeed kama quusanayaan waa wax laga yaabo. ilaahay haddii loo noqdo soomaaliya wey hagaageysaa insha-Allaah.

34     Hadda soomaaliya waxay u haagi la-dahay dad masaakiin oo waxba galabsan ayaa ladilayaa maalin walba, meel dhiig bina aadan daadanaayo mahagaageyso.

35     ilaahay wuxuu yidhi is jeclaada isku naxariista ha idin naxariistee, ilaahay wuxuu yidhi dhulka iskugu naxariista anigana samada ayaa idinku naxariisanayaa? waxaana ka fagaataan dhiiga bina aadanka.

36   ilaahay wuxuu yidhi qofkii Muslim u miciino muraadkiis wuu
helaa. Maslaxada aa suubsatid adduunka ayaa aakhiro ku meel martaa waxaana gacantaa midig aa ka dhiibatid aakhiro miisaanka ayaa lagu kabaa?

37     Walaalayaal Kafaa ideesta, dunidaan qof joogaayo ma jiro. Noloshaan aa hadda ku jirno ma-aha noloshii dhabta ah. Nolosha dhabta ah waxee bilaabanaysaa markaa dhimatid intaa dhiman ka hor waxaa u baahan tahay in aa cibaadeesatit oo camal wanaagsan shaqeysatid oo ilaahay weydiisatid.

38     Inta anaga isku maqan nahay ayaa khayraadka badeena la dhameestay. ilaahay hana asturo. Wixii camal wanaagsan oo ilaahay weydiisatid waa heleysaa aakhiro? Aduunkaan waa wax yar qof joogaayo ma jiro. Qof walba wuu dhimanaayaa saacadiisa haddii dhamaato. sheekadeeda intaas ayaa ku soo gaba-gabeeyey. Haddii su’aal qabtid fadlan ila soo xariir waa mahadsantahay. 

Jazakallaahu Khayran